DSC_549045There was dire need to educate and produce education and technical teachers in Nigeria after the termination, in September 1967, of the Special Fund Project of the International Labor Organization (ILO) for the training of Technical/Vocational educators. This need was earlier highlighted in the Gailers’ Report of August 1964 titled “a National Plan for the Development of Technical Education in the Federal Republic of Nigeria”. The report emphasized that the establishment of a Technical Teacher Education institution was for effective manpower development of technology in Nigeria. Thus, the Federal Government established the National Technical Teachers College (NTTC) Akoka, Yaba, Lagos, as the first Technical Teacher Education institution in the country to award Technical Teachers’ Certificate (TTC) for professionals in commercial and technical education.
In 1982, the name of the College was changed to Federal College of Education(Technical), Akoka, Lagos, due to the expansion in curricular and courses being offered. That is with inclusion of Nigeria Certificate in Education NCE (T) programmes, the College became a full-fledge autonomous academic institution in 1986 with the promulgation of the Federal College of Education Decree No 4 of 1986 and as amended in 1993. Read More